Slide DEAUXP /dōp/ ADJECTIVE The ability to provide excellence through high quality work
while delivering a feeling of being addicted.

Slide HOUSE /hous/ NOUN An institution for individuals needing professional care or
supervision from a specialist in a particular branch of study,
especially business development.

Slide DISCOVER /dəˈskəvər/ The discover phase is essential to gathering all of the information
needed to create a successful production. This is a vital step
for the client to express their ultimate goal.
PLAN /plan/ The planning steps are a critical part of launching..
As designers, it’s easy to want to jump right into
the design step, since that’s the most creative (and
enjoyable) part of a project. But, ultimately,
research and planning will help clarify the
objectives for the brand and guide the design.

Slide DESIGN /dəˈzīn/ The design phase of a project is where a wireframe is created with
basic elements that move into a more realistic mockup of the
project. Our clients input is the key to having a very smooth
process going forward. Keep in mind when designing for a website
it will have to translate to code.
DEVELOP /dəˈveləp/ In the develop phase, the design is translated to
an actual production. This stage can be both fun
and the most lengthy, so we keep our clients
informed on the status of the project.

Slide LAUNCH /län(t)SH/ Finally! It’s time to launch the product. Since there are so many
steps involved in launching, we use a checklist to make sure that
there was no step missed.
MAINTAIN /mānˈtān/ The last and final step but is  most often
overlooked is maintenance. This step is important
to long-term health and success of a project, as
well as a source of potential recurring revenue.
Just like owning a car or house, a production will
need upkeep and maintenance.